Just think of what you did today. When the clock buzzed you woke up… What clock was it? A Casio with an electronical display? Or a traditional Omega clock? You brushed your teeth… Oh, by the way! What do you use? Colgate, Aquafresh, Blend-a-med? Then breakfast. A cup of coffee. What was it? Jacobs? Elite? Mocca? The apple juice, the croissants. Then rushed to work. In a car? If yes, what was it? A Dacia? A VW? A Volvo? Or a Peugeot? And the list may go on until the end of the day. Even when you fall asleep in front of the TV you watch a channel that wears a symbol. A brand. Have you ever thought about this? Have you ever taken the time to observe the world of brands that surrounds us? Welcome to BRANDVISION! The place where you will have the opportunity to discover this parallel universe.A universe where you too will have the chance to reshape it by adding a brand of your own. Are you ready to start? We’ll be next to you at any moment.



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